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“Aligning the Needy with the Geeky”


To be a viable Technical Volunteer for Website Thru The Nite (WTTN) Event, you must:

    • Be a self organized team of 4-6 web developer & website building individuals
    • Applicants should have experience building a template based website with WordPress, utilizing the information given to them about their nonprofit. (Teams will select from an approved list of templates in the weeks leading up to the event.)
    • Applicants should have thorough knowledge of how to build in and test contact forms as well as utilize PayPal accounts for the nonprofits to receive donations on their websites. (WTTN will have some technicians available of our own to aid teams & offer assistance where needed). Websites will be completed using WordPress.
    • Applicants should have the ability & capacity amongst your team to start & complete an entire website using WordPress on the strict deadline of just 24 hours.  Websites go live at the conclusion of the 24-hour event.
    • Technical Volunteers MUST be onsite at Innovation Connector for the duration of the full 24 hour event.  Working remotely or offsite is not allowed.
    • Team Captains will be required to attend a short informational meeting in the 30 days prior to the event (other team members are highly encouraged to attend as well, but only team captains are required to be there)
  • All Technical Volunteers are responsible for arriving at least 1 hour prior to the event to register & set up their own equipment. Internet connection & power/surge suppressors will be provided.  PC’s, workstations, etc. will not be provided.


Your Technical Application should include the items below in electronic  form (via the website OR e-mail  Please send files in PDF format.  If you submit the information in an electronic  file please include your Team’s selected Team Name  in the filename, for example “WTTN-Technical Application- TEAM  XYZ”

    • Volunteers should provide all the requested information from the following pages.
    • Answer all questions thoroughly.
  • Use 12-point Calibri or Times New Roman font in your responses to the questions.

Applications are due by SEPTEMBER 28, 2021.

Required Items:

  • Completed WTTN Technical Volunteer Application, complete with:
      • Contact Information for all Team Members & T-Shirt size
    • List of websites your team members have built or played intricate roles in developing, etc.

Website Thru The Nite

Technical Volunteer Application