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Non-Profit Registration

“Aligning the Needy with the Geeky”


To be eligible to apply to the Website Thru The Nite (WTTN) project, your organization must:

    • Be recognized by the IRS as a non-profit under IRS code 501(c)3
    • Have a program that serves residents in Delaware County in the area of Education, Income or Health
    • Have an annual tax return (990/990EZ).  
    • Have an active Board of Directors.
    • Be able to meet all timelines & deadlines to deliver required content for the website (including but not limited to questionnaires, logos, pictures, etc.)
  • If selected to receive a free website through the WTTN Event, nonprofit will have a member(s) of the board present at the WTTN Event at Innovation Connector for a minimum of 3 hours at the event’s kickoff, to help answer questions their Technical Team may have for them, regarding their website’s design choices, layout, aesthetics, website’s objectives, etc.


Organizations should use this application to request participation in the Website Thru The Nite (WTTN) Challenge.

    • Answer all questions thoroughly.
    • Use 12-point Calibri or Times New Roman font in your responses to the questions.
  • Follow all character limits when responding to questions—applications that exceed response character limits will be subject to possible disqualification.


Your submitted proposal must include the items below in electronic form (via the website OR e-mail If it’s available to you, please send any or all files in PDF format.   You may submit the information in one electronic file or in multiple files.  Please include your organization’s name  in your filename, for example “WTTN-Nonprofit Application-ABC Company.” Submissions are due by SEPTEMBER 28, 2021.

Required Attachments

    • Completed WTTN Application
    • Most recent IRS Form 990/990EZ
    • IRS Determination Letter verifying nonprofit status
  • Board of Directors Roster including names, titles and contact information



Vision: All children are nurtured by informed parents/caregivers and have access to quality developmental and educational services which prepare them for success in school and life.

Your Organization’s Goals:

    • Children enter school ready to succeed
    • Children and youth achieve academic goals
    • Children and youth are emotionally healthy and socially competent
  • Young adults make a successful transition from high school to college and/or career


Vision: Individuals and families can meet life’s basic needs (shelter, food, clothing, and transportation) and gain economic stability through education, job training, permanent housing and basic supportive services

Your Organization’s Goals:

    Lower income families and individuals:

    • Have their basic needs met
    • Gain and/or maintain stable employment
    • Increase and/or retain income
  • Build and/or maintain savings and assets


Vision: All people have access to quality, affordable healthcare and have the opportunity to maximize their physical, mental and emotional health and well-being to lead independent, productive lives.

Your Organization’s Goals:

    • Adults and children obtain healthcare coverage
    • Adults and children receive timely, regular preventative healthcare
    • Youth and adults acquire and maintain healthy lifestyles
  • Seniors and persons with disabilities have access to, and knowledge of, home and community based services

Website Thru The Nite

2019 Nonprofit Application

Click here to download a pdf of the Application Form.

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Submit the items below along with your completed application to

 Completed Application

 Budget Spreadsheet

 Most recent IRS Form 990/990EZ

 IRS Determination Letter verifying nonprofit status

 Board of Directors Roster including names, titles and contact information