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Create a Nonprofit Marketing Plan in 5 Steps

By Julia Campbell Having worked with hundreds of nonprofits over the years, I can tell you that the nonprofits who develop and follow a well-thought-out marketing plan grow faster and make a bigger impact than those who don’t. Sarah Rintamaki, the founder of a small nonprofit is a great

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How to Get Donations Using Social Media

Donations are the gas that will get your car (your nonprofit) to where you’re going (your mission). No matter how great or worthwhile your destination is, without gas, you are not going to get there. You must identify how to get donations for your nonprofit’s mission. You are not

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6 Nonprofit Marketing Ideas to Increase Online Donations

Giving back is growing, much to the delight of nonprofits. It’s more important than ever for marketers to keep up with new nonprofit marketing ideas. In fact: Total giving is expected to increase 3.6% in 2017 and by 3.8% in 2018. As a way to appeal to a larger

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