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6 Nonprofit Marketing Ideas to Increase Online Donations

Giving back is growing, much to the delight of nonprofits. It’s more important than ever for marketers to keep up with new nonprofit marketing ideas. In fact:

Total giving is expected to increase 3.6% in 2017 and by 3.8% in 2018.

As a way to appeal to a larger audience, nonprofits have turned to online fundraising. In fact, 92% of NGOs worldwide have a Facebook Page, 72% have a Twitter Profile, and 39% are active on Instagram according to the 2017 Tech Report.

What many nonprofit organizations don’t have, however, is time. But, there are effective ways to get more donations online and create recurring donors. Here are 9 nonprofit marketing ideas to increase online donations.

The average person has 5.5 social media accounts and is active on 2.8. Therefore, nonprofits need to utilize social media and digital channels to attract new donors. Here are some easy ways to increase online visibility and donations.

1. Pin Wishlists to Social Media Channels

Are there certain items your nonprofit needs that donors can easily purchase? Create an Amazon Wishlist (if you don’t already have one), so prospective givers know what is needed. Then, be sure to pin to the top of all of your social media channels so that it is always prominent and easy to find. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest all allow a ‘pin’ function, which helps busy donors see how they can help quickly.

2. Tag Everyone

When posting pictures on social media, be sure to tag volunteers, employees, partner organizations, and anyone involved in the image. That way the image will be seen by many more people who can then click over to your social media page to find out more about your organization (and immediately see your wish list).

3. Use Hashtags

Many organizations will hashtag their organization name, but unless your company is very well-known, it might not get the broad reach you want. Try more general hashtags that potential donors might search, such as #findacure or #endpoverty. You can then link to your website to bring in more interested people.

4. Create a Banner Image on Social/Ask for the Share

Have you ever seen banner images that people put on their social media profile pictures advocating a cause? Those can really help get the word out and get your organization in front of more people. And they’re easy to do! Use a free program like Twibbon so donors and fans can quickly load your banner to their profile picture.

Especially when posting big news on social media or when creating a big donation campaign, ask users to share the post and/or change their profile picture.

5. Improve Website Copy and Add Content Conversion Points

Remember that a “DONATE” button must always be in plain site. Also, nonprofits should use updated images and make sure there are no bugs or dead-ends on the site that could turn off a potential donor.

6. Email Drip Campaigns

Sometime people may donate and then simply forget about your nonprofit, so an email drip campaign can remind them why they donated in the first place. There are services, such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact, that can help you set this automated campaigns — so you can focus on the writing, one-and-done.

This is especially helpful for cold leads, or leads who have not engaged for some time. A e-engagement drip campaign (versus one-off, random emails over time) is a good way to spark interest and encourage a new conversion.

These people already know basic ideas about what your nonprofit does, so target them with material that gives an update on progress. Emails that tell them how far their donation went and what another donation can do can help to convert them into repeat donors.

Use the demand generation techniques above to get the word out about this new landing page, and be sure to include a strong call to action that encourages donations.

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