Website Thru The Nite

Past Events

2018 Website Thru The Nite Websites


Big Time Barbell Muncie - Logo
Daleville Library Indiana
Muncie MLK Dream Team
Delaware County Senior Center


Hearts and Hands United Delaware County



2017 Website Thru The Nite Websites

2017 was the first annual Website Thru The Nite. 6 websites were built in 24 hours for non-profits. These are the 6 non-profits that received a new website. The winning website is decided by the most donations received from their website starting at Noon the end of the event and lasting for 1 week.


The winning team for WTTN 2017! Team BSU English with the¬†Children’s Clothing Center


Philips Outdoor Center

Yorktown Council for the Arts


MYP Logo

Children's Clothing Center


Christian Ministries